Prices and processes

When you employ Riffly for a design project, you’re paying for time and expertise. Each project is individually priced at the outset based on the amount work required by the scope of the project. However, in the tabs below you can find a rough guide for the starting prices for different types of project.

Interested in seeing how a typical Riffly project progresses from initial spark to final product? Look at the project road-map.

Branding, Print, and Web design

  Prices start at What this might include Additional services


About $4,000

  • Custom brand-mark or word-mark
  • Examples of the brand in use in different contexts
  • Business cards for up to three people
  • A basic style guide for your organization including typeface and colour details
  • A lettterhead for your organization
  • A more complex style guide
  • Computer templates (e.g. for invoices and quotations or general documents)
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Signage
  • More stationery


About $350

  • A single-page layout where the client supplies all the content in a print-ready format.
  • Longer documents
  • Complex documents (e.g. multiple folds, designing with special finishing effects, etc.)
  • Projects where Riffly needs to edit or produce content for the finished product


About $3,750

  • A site of up to ten static pages
  • Responsive design
  • Coding on a feature-rich commercial content-management system (CMS)
  • Client supplying content for Riffly for use on the Web
  • Search-engine-friendly semantic code for your site
  • Bigger sites
  • Blogs
  • E-commerce features
  • Complex interactivity or automation

Please note that the prices quoted here are a guide only, and do not include GST. Consideration is often given for charities and non-profit organizations. Also, a combined project (e.g. branding and website produced together) is very often more cost-effective than two separate projects.

The above prices are for design services only. The following are supplementary costs: printing (where applicable); licensing (purchase) of typefaces, stock imagery, icons, and software (including CMS) for your website.

Web Hosting and Maintenance

Sites designed by Riffly include the registration of two standard domain names and hosting for the first year of the life of the site. After that first year, customers can enter into a maintenance contract which includes renewals for the two domain names as well as hassle-free site hosting on servers maintained by Riffly.

Customers with maintenance contracts benefit from regular software updates to the CMS software running their site, assistance with updating the content of their site, and assistance in case disaster strikes the site or the whole server.

Domain registration

Additional ordinary domain names can be registered at a cost of $25 each per year. Riffly handles all the registration details, as well as the technical matters of DNS set-up for the domains, which leaves you free to look after your business.

Your site can be hosted under a standard maintenance contract as long as its use of resources does not impede the other clients’ sites which are hosted on the same server. If your site needs more bandwidth or storage than is available to it on the standard shared servers, Riffly can maintain a separate server on your behalf (additional charges will apply). The price quoted for domain names applies to standard freely-available domain names (e.g. .com, .net,,, and others). Additional charges may apply to very short domain names, names in TLDs with higher-than-standard prices, or names which are being sold as ‘premium’ domain names. Domain names in the .au TLD registry must be registered for a minimum of two years.

Email hosting

Do you want to email like a pro, but you’re not sure where to start? Riffly can help by setting up and maintaining professional-level email on your behalf.

You pay $30 per year for account establishment, plus the cost of the total number of mailboxes in your account:

Mailbox type Basic Standard Professional
IMAP access (for set-up on computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.: all devices stay in sync with your email)
Web access (from any computer connected to the Internet)
POP access (for older computers)
Authenticated SMTP access for sending email from your domain name
Advanced spam protection
Number of aliases (additional email addresses attached to the same mailbox) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email storage 250 MB 1.5 GB 15 GB
Price per mailbox per year $45 $60 $85

For example, if you require one basic and two standard mailboxes for your organization, you would pay $30 (account establishment) + $45 + $60 + $60 = $195 per year.

If you require but do not have a custom domain name for your email, you can register one through Riffly. See Web hosting & maintenance for prices.