Project road-map

Riffly goes through a rigorous process for every project. Look through the road-map detailed here to give yourself an idea of the stages of a typical project.

  1. Initial contact

    Get in touch with Riffly using the contact form on this site, and give details of what you’re after. Simple, really, isn’t it?

  2. Questionnaire & meeting

    You will receive a questionnaire seeking details about what you want to achieve with the project; you can fill it in on your computer, and return it to Riffly by email. Then we will set up a meeting—ideally in person—to discuss your needs in greater detail.

  3. Quotation & brief

    You will receive a ‘reverse brief’ (or ‘scope of work’) based on information from the questionnaire and our meeting. This document specifies what will be achieved during your project, and how that will be done. At the same time, you will receive a quotation for the project as specified in the brief. These documents will include details about progress payments and milestones for your specific project.

  4. Research & design planning

    The design work begins with detailed research into your organization and your industry. This is necessary to ensure that the final product is suitable for the target audience. In a Web-design project, this stage includes drawing up a complete site-map of your new site, listing every page which will be built. We might arrange to meet again once the research has been completed, to discuss how best to continue.

  5. Initial designs

    Work begins on initial designs and visual approaches for your project. You'll get to see one or two computer sketches of ideas for your product, which we’ll then be able to talk about.

  6. Final design

    During this phase your designs will be finalized based on our discussions about the initial design ideas. This involves some detailed work to get everything ‘just right’.

  7. Production

    Now that the design is finalized, your design needs to be prepared for public consumption! Print projects have to go to be printed, Web-design projects have to be coded, and so on.

  8. Delivery!

    Phew! Will the delivery of your project be heralded with fanfares and launch parties, or will the designs just be released quietly into the world? You choose!