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Riffly does copy-writing for Web and Print

Riffly produces writing which is clear, succinct, and error-free. Riffly can help you develop a writing guide to ensure your organization is consistent in conventions of spelling, punctuation, and usage. Whether or not you’ve engaged Riffly for a larger design project, get in touch today to discuss your copy-writing needs.

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Riffly does proof-reading and copy-editing

Already got a piece of text ready for publication on the Web or in print, but you’re worried that it might have a few errors? Riffly offers proof-reading and copy-editing services to keep you looking good.

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Riffly offers the complete package

Branding, Print, and Web design; domain registration, email services, and Web hosting; copy-writing, copy-editing, and proofreading: Riffly provides a wide range of related services to relieve your headaches.

Interested in working with Riffly for your next project? Get in touch to discuss your needs today.